Arts, Camera, and Education

Children of the 21st century are considered the most advanced and updated kids so far. This is due to the technical advancement they are familiar with and the completely different concept they have about life.

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Education System

From the minute they are born, they are familiarized with all the things that are available at their fingertips. Such children cannot be brought up in the education system with only academic excellence.

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Co-curricular Activities

They also require other co-curricular activities to contain themselves to follow certain principles and understand the meaning of various aspects of life. This is the perfect time for the old proverb which quotes:''All work and no play makes Jack a dull bo''.

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What is co-curricular activity?

A child requires growth not just in the intellectual level but also in moral, social, physical and sensual level. Most of these are taught from school as part of academia and other means. But in most scenarios, children are only directed towards academic excellence and driven away from activities such as Arts, Music, and Sports. This practice not just hinders the child's mental state but also makes the child weak in various aspects such as self-confidence, teamwork, character building, and creativity.

We can define co-curricular activities as the activities which supplement and enhances the performance of the child in academia. They play an important role in classroom learning as well as personality development. It helps to develop the overall aesthetic, spiritual and physical qualities of the child.

Importance of co-curricular activities

Helps to discover the hidden talents and abilities: A child cannot be discriminated just on the basis of his/her academic performance. Every child is unique with their own gifts, talents, and abilities. These activities bring out the best in a child.

Activities help to develop the interest in different fields: Children might not always volunteer towards activities. A demo or slight encouragement can trigger the child experiment amongst different fields and identify their cup-of-tea.

Improve the learning experience and develop qualities such as leadership qualities, team spirit, etc: Qualities can only be gained only when there is interaction with the crowd. Individual capabilities cannot be regarded for overall skills. This is achieved when there are group activities and maximum participation.

Helps to think in an innovative manner and solve problems through critical thinking: Problem-solving and critical thinking is an important skill which children are expected to have beyond a certain age. These cannot be taught, but can only be learned through real-life experiences, which are provided through co-curricular activities.

Time should be given to relax and think beside the academic performance: Learning a heap load of the subject might stress the mind and hinder efficient thinking or learning. Co-curricular activities act as a means of stress-buster.

Practical implementation: These activities help to implement the theoretical concepts learned through subjects in a practical manner. Practical knowledge always registers in the mind and eventually turns into a habit.

Exercise : Since most activities are physically active, it also serves as a means of exercise. Physical activity is crucial for the development of the child.

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Types of activities

A huge plethora of activities can be performed to enhance the child and their development. Activities can be broadly characterized into two group namely indoor and outdoor activities. Outdoor mainly focuses on Sports and indoor include Drama, Music, Art, Creative writing, Home science, etc.

Sports improve health, teaches teamwork, and coordination. Drama improves language skills and public speaking abilities, long-term memory, and develops empathy. Art encourages creativity, self-expression, and acceptance. Music helps in relaxation of the mind, maintain inner peace and patience, encourages concentration and improves self-confidence.

Need for co-curricular activities: These activities not just help the child to relax or gain perspective about various aspects, but it also enhances the overall value of the child. The ultimate aim of education is to make the child succeed in life. A child with good academia alone will not be preferred when compared to a child with academic and co-curricular excellence. Search for eminent personalities always reflects towards their non-academic performance in accordance with academic stability. The Chinese proverb is apt to describe the importance of co-curricular activities, which states:''Teach me and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget''

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